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Water bills can double in summer months if irrigation is not operating properly or if the landscape was designed for plants or lawns that require a lot of water. We provide water assessment, advice, and monitoring of best management practices to reduce your water bill. We can also let you know and assist on applying for available rebates. Our techniques and plantings will keep your water utility bill low in summer months while providing a healthy, blooming landscape all summer long.

We design and install drip irrigation systems to allocate the right amount of water to each planting zone.

Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater has more plant-available nutrients, contains no chloramines, and plants grow better with it. We design and install ponds, rain gardens, infiltration basins, and other creative solutions to keep this beneficial resource on your property, and not running off in a torrent down the street.

Water Storage
Water storage includes water tanks, barrels, and cisterns to catch rainwater for use during the dry summer months. We design and install the right-sized storage systems for your needs.

Storm Water Management
You may have a low spot on your property where storm water may pool during heavy rains. Or, it may runoff in a torrent down the street.. We design and install natural systems to move storm water away from where it is not swanted and direct it to where it will be most beneficial.

Grey Water
Laundry to landscape uses laundry water (graywater) to irrigate trees and shrubs as an added source of water in the landscape.

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“We called Ellen because maintaining the landscape at our new home caused us to be in the highest tier of water use. A year later, Ellen has transformed the grounds. We're now in the lowest tier of water use and our gardens are looking natural and beautiful. We owe it all to Ellen and EcoHeart Landscape Designs.”

— ELLEN, San Rafael CA

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