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Soil Testing
Good design begins by checking out the health of your soil. A soil test will detect if there are nutrients that may be deficient or in excess. An infiltration test will determine how well the soil is retaining or draining water and if soil amending is needed.

Soil Amending
Amending soil increases soil structure and nutrients that allow for better root penetration, water holding capacity, and nutrient release. It’s also more aesthetically pleasing. We use only organic soil amendment methods. Within a very short time, you'll notice the difference in the plants' response - they will show signs of being stronger, healthier, and more vibrant.

Landscape "waste" will compost quickly under appropriate conditions. Compost is a nutrient rich resource that can be applied back to the soil as an amendment once it has completely composted and cured. We can show you how to properly,maintain a compost pile or worm bin. We build compost bins and worm bins that keep out critters that you don't want, while allowing the appropriate conditions for compost critters to happily do their work inside the bins.

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“EcoHeart transformed a difficult space into a beautiful place. Ellen listened to our needs and incorporated them all into the design. We’re very happy with the results!”

— DRU, Berkeley CA

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