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Garden Coaching
You may be an avid gardener or have a vision for your landscape design. Perhaps you would like to create your own garden oasis and just need a bit of advise on certain aspects. We can help with the process and work side by side with you to empower you to create your dream garden, providing guidance, advice, and whatever else you need assistance with.

We provide maintenance on a regular or less frequent basis to spruce up your garden, mulch or prune. Call us and let us know what you’re looking for.

Annual Pruning
Most shrubs and trees benefit from annual pruning to allow in enough air, sun, and water to keep them healthy and safe from weak limbs breaking and falling. Most plants like to be pruned at specific times of the year. We can prune your small trees and shrubs under 20’ and we work with tree pruning companies on larger projects to bring vitality and beauty to their form.

Contact Ellen
phone: 415-350-1506
email: ellen.hopkins2@gmail.com

“A few of the things we most appreciate about Ellen's patient work with us are:
• Expertise in materials
• Expanded sense of possibilities
• Good sub-contractor network
• High level of green awareness
• Excellent communication throughout the project ”

— BECCA, Berkeley CA

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